Grey Poupon Drives a Higher Class of Engagement

Grey PouponPardon me, but have you seen the latest social media efforts from Grey Poupon? Having spotted a handful of articles on the classy condiment’s new Facebook efforts, I decided to finally check out the page. It really is a fairly genius bit of social media-based branding.

The Grey Poupon page can be “liked” in much the same way that other, more proletarian brand pages can be. The hook, however, lies in the “Society of Good Taste” as it’s referred to. Essentially, Grey Poupon requires its fans to submit to the judgements of its virtual panel of club insiders in order to gain access to the exclusive content, offers, and increased sense of self-worth within. And if you don’t pass, you’re welcome to take back your charming little “like” and be on your way, good sir or madam.

The Facebook app analyzes your grammar, education, friend count, pages you’ve already “liked”, posts to your wall, and check-ins to determine whether or not you are Grey Poupon material. The virtual judges – a handful of gentlemen in top hats – then comment on various aspects of your Facebook Timeline.

My Attempt at Joining High Society

Fingers trembling, I waded into the Society of Good Taste application, ready to face their judgement.

I was deemed “charmingly photogenic” due to my photo selection, a “gregarious” sort due to my abundance of pop culture-themed likes, my university degrees were deemed “impressive”, and they appeared pleased with my check–ins and “Man About Town” manners.  Most importantly, they deemed my grammar above average as well.

Finally, after careful deliberation, a small group of elite condiment enthusiasts confirmed what both my mother and I have been saying for years, I’m just plain better than most people.

Grey Poupon1

All kidding aside, this is a terrific bit of branding and social media engagement on display here from Grey Poupon and its parent company Kraft. At a time where more and more people are becoming bored with the standard/cliché approach to Facebook used by so many brands – to the point where parody accounts are now attracting huge followings – it’s a refreshing and unique way to engage people via social media’s biggest network.

The “Society of Good Taste” Facebook app is completely in line with Grey Poupon’s long-established image and is clearly meant to be taken tongue-in-cheek and with good humor. While the page may not currently have as many fans as other major brands, it could lead to a smaller yet more engaged following given that people have had to earn the right to become full time fans of the page.

Think you’ve got the class to join the Society of Good Taste? Head over to the app and give it a shot. My fellow elites and I are waiting for you – snifter of finely aged brandy in hand.

(Note: This post originally appeared on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud blog.)


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