3 Ways to Use Twitter for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Robin Carey QuoteWith Twitter’s presence continuing to grow, to the point where 50% of Super Bowl ads now feature the social media giant, it’s time to think about making the social network a key component of your online strategy.

Here are three recent ideas for your brand’s next Twitter campaign.

1. Be Quick and Ready to Act

Brands have a golden opportunity to have their Super Bowl Blackout moment (by now, you’ve seen several posts applauding Oreo’s lightning quick Twitter response to the Super Bowl power outage). Quick, creative, funny responses to shared cultural moments like the Super Bowl via social media channels has the added benefit of being parlayed into traditional media chatter as well. The fast paced nature of Twitter allows brands to instantly become a part of a trending conversation so you’re next campaign may take place in real-time. And if you think only a sandwich cookie brand can do this, think again.

2. Drive Buzz Around a New Product Launch

Tie your social media activity directly to a product launch or grand opening. Marrying online and offline content will generate more attention and awareness and help drive offline sales. A few tweets is all you need to get some buzz.

3. Tweet for Discounts

Give your fans a reason to retweet and spread the word. Linking to discounts on your website will drive web traffic and sales. Tying in the request to retweet as part of the offer will boost sharing.

Social Media Today founder Robin Carey notes: “Have you seen the buzz today about Oreo on Forbes, Business Insider, Buzz Feed, etc?  Twitter drives traditional media, and has for a long time.  If anything, it’s a little effort for a lot of gain.”

Agree with Carey? Disagree?

(Note: This post originally appeared on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud blog on February 6, 2013.)


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