Using Humor to Respond to Social Media Comments

Bodyform videoWe’ve written about how best to respond to both positive and negative social media postings in the past. One suggestion we clearly should have included was “create an awesome video response that rocks.”  That’s exactly what Bodyform, a U.K. based female hygiene product maker, did this week.

In early October, Richard Neill posted this message to the Bodyform Facebook page. The comment currently sits at a over 87,000 likes. Bodyform, rather than let Neill reap all the social media glory from his humorous rant, quickly countered with an official response from “CEO Caroline Williams.”

Here we have a viral hit that’s currently working its way across the web (I’m even helping it with this post) and it all sprang up from a social media post. Let’s take a look at a pair of key takeaways from this example of social media engagement.

Great Content Can Come From Anywhere

Pay close attention to what both your fans and your detractors are saying. Take this example from Sesame Street from earlier this year. They saw the incredible reaction from a tweet and took it a step further by producing one of the year’s best and funniest “Call Me Maybe” parodies. By responding to Neill – whether he was serious or not – Bodyform hit a home run in terms of generating buzz about their brand. Since the YouTube video went up on October 16, Bodyform has generated over 11,500 mentions across social media platforms, according to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Lighten Up

Take a chance and don’t be afraid to be funny or even a little snarky/sarcastic. Whenever appropriate, use a similar tone to the post you’re replying to. I think most of us can agree that Richard Neill’s post was certainly intended to amuse, even if his negative feelings had some truth behind them. Bodyform knew if they were going to reply at all, it may be worthwhile to counter with something equally funny. You don’t have to sell a good or service that naturally lends itself to comedy in order to produce something funny.

For a few tips on adding humor to your social media strategy, check out this post.

(Note: This post originally appeared on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud blog on October 17, 2012.)


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